I heard through the grapevine (which was only three people but I consider that a grapevine) that you enjoyed the Do’s and Don’ts list for “Things to do When the Kids go Back to School.” If you missed that post click here! Why mess with a good thing, so I’m skipping fashion today and chatting about “For the Love of Fall,” and sharing some Fall time Do’s and Don’ts! Enjoy!

Also a big thank you to everyone who made last week’s “How to Invest in a Fall Wardrobe” post a big hit. WOW!

Favorite Fall Things

1.  Do take a drive when the leaves turn colors. Stay off the phone, don’t give into the urge to post those gorgeous pictures… just simply be! Enjoy God’s beauty!

2.  Do find a new fall cocktail. Why not? Margarita time is coming to a close and that’s ok because here are some wonderful fall time substitutions.

Apple Pie Sangria– courtesy of The Cookie Rookie

Pumpkin Spice White Russian– courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny

3.  Don’t buy your pumpkins too early. This happens every year…you drive past a home with their pumpkins proudly displayed only to see that the squirrels have had a field day and their Jack-O-Lantern now looks like a wrinkly old man without dentures! Just wait, I promise there are plenty of pumpkins for everyone!

4.  Do watch a football game whether it’s high school, college or professional.  If you’ve never been a fan, give it a try! Maybe pick a team with cool uniforms or a funky mascot. One of my friends just cheers for whoever is ahead…whatever works!

5.  Don’t get overly anxious to do “fall yard clean-up.” Those leaves actually help the ground stay moist all winter ( I was told that once and will never let it go…it helps with the procrastination because it’s my least favorite activity.) Just wait until ALL of your neighbors have their yards cleaned up and have at it:) Not saying I do this….

6.  Do bake an apple pie. Why not? Here’s a great “Grandma’s Apple Pie” recipe that you might want to check out:

Recipe from- Living on A Dime

7.  Do build a campfire. I know campfires are abundant all summer but there is nothing better than a cool fall night sitting around a campfire enjoying the crisp, refreshing air with the smell of burning wood! It’s a must!

8.  Do take a walk in the woods. However, make sure to wear your most fashionable blaze orange outfit…so you don’t mistakenly get taken for a woodland critter…especially in Wisconsin. If you or someone in your family is of the hunting variety, here are a few great recipes to enjoy:

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Pheasant Poppers – Courtesy of Carpe’ Season

BBQ Pheasant Pizza – Courtesy of Food For Hunters

9.  Don’t let fall pass you buy! I could live in a fall-like climate all year round but in the Midwest fall is short and gives way to winter way too soon! Enjoy these next few months…


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