An Audrey Salutes Farewell

To all readers, friends, family and other bloggers that I’ve met along the way. I just want to thank you for your support of Audrey Salutes during this bloggy journey of mine. I’m taking a step back from the blog to pursue other writing opportunities. I’ve loved meeting with you here each week to share a little humor, fashion tips and will miss writing for you.

I appreciate everyone that has stopped by my site, emailed, left comments or simply said a kind word. Audrey Salutes has grown so much since its inception and I have you all to thank for that. Blogging has been a wonderful experience and it’s given me a chance to get way outside of my comfort zone…which is simply good for the soul!

Before turning off the switch for now, I think it’s important to give a little background for my decision. There is one part of the blogging world that became difficult for me and that’s social media. I think it’s OK to admit that it just isn’t my thing. I feel so much more free after realizing that this aspect of blogging was weighing me down! I love writing, research, creating content and connecting with you the reader but in this fun and crazy bloggy world it’s important to be social media savvy to really grow your blog. In all honesty, that part exhausted me and it was becoming something that wasn’t good for my soul!

However, there are many fabulous bloggers out there that do social media beautifully with grace and class. Like the Wild Ruffle gals, they are fabulous!

In closing, I want you to know that I will continue to write because I love it but it will be for somebody else….people who are way more savvy than me! I’ll keep you updated on Facebook (that one I can handle) when I write new articles.  For my friends who don’t do social media, I will give you a call on that old telephone! Thanks so much to everyone who supported me, this decision was a tough one but it feels like the right one! Farewell for now:)


Ponchos on the Prowl

It’s funny how fall brings new trends but also desperately hangs onto the older ones, which is fine by me! We can get more use out of what we already have! Ponchos have played a big part in the fashion world for the past few years and rightfully so. They are versatile, stylish and easy to wear. However, there are many different kinds of ponchos to choose from and it can be overwhelming! For some of us we prefer ponchos to have arms holes, others just simply want to throw their poncho on like a shawl and some of us prefer wearing ponchos as more of a sweater in the fall and winter.

We all have different body shapes, shopping habits and ideas on what fits us the best. Ponchos are one of those trends that might not appeal to every woman, so if you haven’t been on board with this trend I’m hoping to help enlighten and inspire your poncho wearing wanna-be side! Here are 5 different ponchos all under $100.00 that have different characteristics and details that you might find intriguing. Enjoy!


Plaid Poncho

This is a great poncho for fall. Easy to throw on over a t-shirt or long sleeve tee. I love the little fringe on the side and the effortless look this poncho can create. Casual and classy plaid. Would look fabulous with gray denim too!

UntitledArm-hole Poncho

It’s difficult to find a quality poncho under $100.00 with armholes. Yep, you are going to pay more for the armholes. That extra bit of sewing adds up:) This poncho is at a perfect price point that works great for those 50-60 degree fall days. You can wear a tank top when its warmer and add a long sleeve tee for added warmth in the winter. Great look with distressed denim or a pencil skirt too!


 Sporty Poncho

This is the perfect poncho for those of you still on the fence about this trend. Just like the above ponchos this one can be worn with a tank top for warmer fall days and a long sleeve tee for late fall and winter. The hood gives it a more of a casual vibe so Saturday morning errands can be done in effortless style. Throw on a long necklace, funky earrings and add a bracelet cocktail to you arm too. Don’t let this one fool you, it looks plain but it would be a great asset to any fall wardrobe!


Open Front Poncho

This one is a tad more difficult to style. (In my opinion) However, it can actually be worn multiple ways. I have one similar to this and wear it open with a long sleeve tee most of the time. It also works well with a chambray shirt too. Another idea is to belt it and wear it with leggings (if yours is long enough.) Wear over a dress with or without a belt too. These ponchos are extremely versatile and work well as an added layer all fall and winter.


Cowl Neck Poncho

These are secretly my favorite ponchos. I’m a sucker for anything with a cowl neckline. These ponchos drape beautifully and can be dressed up or down. You can actually live in this one all fall and winter!

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Plaid Revival

The good news is that plaid is back for fall so if you jumped on the “plaid wagon” last year feel free to jump back on again! Scarves, boots, tops and shoes are all plaid appropriate. I purchased a plaid scarf last year that I can’t wait to break out again when the weather turns a little cooler.

However, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find new ways to give life to a plaid shirt that I bought more than a few years ago. It’s a great quality shirt but somewhere along the way it lost its original shine. To make something feel fresh and new again sometimes all you need is a little creativity and different perspective. Fortunately, my plaid shirt could be revived by adding this fabulous metallic dot graphic tee from JCrew (on sale) to my wardrobe. If you have an old plaid shirt hanging limply in your closet, give this look a try! No need to buy a new one just add a fun and interesting graphic tee and a pair of flared denim jeans too! Enjoy!





Top- Old (Similar) // Flares (Similar) // Fringe Sandals (Similar) Graphic Tee

Ways to Revive a Plaid Shirt:

1.  Belt it and add a pair of skinny jeans. On trend and in style!

2.  Keep it unbottened and wear over a tunic style top with leggings. Comfy and chic!

3.  Wear over a striped shirt. I love this look…casual and effortless.

4.  Wear over a dress with long boots. Great Boho look for fall and a fabulous way to get more use out of that old plaid shirt!

Plaid Finds

Plaid Trends- 2015 Fall


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

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For the Love of Fall

I heard through the grapevine (which was only three people but I consider that a grapevine) that you enjoyed the Do’s and Don’ts list for “Things to do When the Kids go Back to School.” If you missed that post click here! Why mess with a good thing, so I’m skipping fashion today and chatting about “For the Love of Fall,” and sharing some Fall time Do’s and Don’ts! Enjoy!

Also a big thank you to everyone who made last week’s “How to Invest in a Fall Wardrobe” post a big hit. WOW!

Favorite Fall Things

1.  Do take a drive when the leaves turn colors. Stay off the phone, don’t give into the urge to post those gorgeous pictures… just simply be! Enjoy God’s beauty!

2.  Do find a new fall cocktail. Why not? Margarita time is coming to a close and that’s ok because here are some wonderful fall time substitutions.

Apple Pie Sangria– courtesy of The Cookie Rookie

Pumpkin Spice White Russian– courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny

3.  Don’t buy your pumpkins too early. This happens every year…you drive past a home with their pumpkins proudly displayed only to see that the squirrels have had a field day and their Jack-O-Lantern now looks like a wrinkly old man without dentures! Just wait, I promise there are plenty of pumpkins for everyone!

4.  Do watch a football game whether it’s high school, college or professional.  If you’ve never been a fan, give it a try! Maybe pick a team with cool uniforms or a funky mascot. One of my friends just cheers for whoever is ahead…whatever works!

5.  Don’t get overly anxious to do “fall yard clean-up.” Those leaves actually help the ground stay moist all winter ( I was told that once and will never let it go…it helps with the procrastination because it’s my least favorite activity.) Just wait until ALL of your neighbors have their yards cleaned up and have at it:) Not saying I do this….

6.  Do bake an apple pie. Why not? Here’s a great “Grandma’s Apple Pie” recipe that you might want to check out:

Recipe from- Living on A Dime

7.  Do build a campfire. I know campfires are abundant all summer but there is nothing better than a cool fall night sitting around a campfire enjoying the crisp, refreshing air with the smell of burning wood! It’s a must!

8.  Do take a walk in the woods. However, make sure to wear your most fashionable blaze orange outfit…so you don’t mistakenly get taken for a woodland critter…especially in Wisconsin. If you or someone in your family is of the hunting variety, here are a few great recipes to enjoy:

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Pheasant Poppers – Courtesy of Carpe’ Season

BBQ Pheasant Pizza – Courtesy of Food For Hunters

9.  Don’t let fall pass you buy! I could live in a fall-like climate all year round but in the Midwest fall is short and gives way to winter way too soon! Enjoy these next few months…


Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!!

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